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Gypsy Pie is

a family owned small Design House.  We mix, blend and create 100% natural handmade perfumes in our home.  We design and create handmade hair extensions, hair adornments, as well as decorative bras and belts.  We are a husband and wife team married for 25 years, with three children.   Bobbi is public school educator, yoga enthusiast, Belly dancer and Mom.  Alex is an IT professional, exercise buff, Perfumer and Dad.

Hand created original and unique hair adornments

For holidays, preformances, parties, dress-up or everyday,  Gypsy Pie handmakes  synthetic braids, dreads, and fishtail braids. Braids secured on your hair with:  clip-ins, hair bands or extensions.  Handmade hair adornments:  handbands,  hair jewels, decorated flowers, beads, ribbon, shells, feathers  and yarn. We also  custom create decorated, bras, belts, eye masks, and costumes  on request.  Email or text us.

100% natural handmade Perfume

The EPA tested department store fragrances and found a list of toxic perfume chemical ingredients that can cause central nervous system disorders, kidney damage, respiratory failure, ataxia and many less serious but still troubling symptoms such as GI tract irritation, dizziness, fatigue and more.

Gypsy Pie offers perfumes with 100% plant based scent compounds, essential oils and absolutes suspended in perfumer's alcohol, free of any dyes, preservatives or dangerous chemicals, providing healthy and natural smelling perfumes for men and women.


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